Overview of Quantitative Methods Edit

A number of people have asked for an overview of what quantitative and formal methods are available for political science research. Here are a list of methods: This page could use a brief summary overview, that ties together these links.

A short list:

  • Statistical Methods
    • Regression Analysis
    • Maximum Likelihood Estimation
    • Structural Equation Modeling
  • Deductive Methods
    • Game Theory
    • Spatial Voting Theory
    • Axiomatic Theory
  • Simulation Methods
    • Agent-based Modeling
    • Discrete Event Simulation
    • System Dynamics Modeling
    • Monte Carlo Simulation (common to many methods)

Existing References Edit

Existing References on these topics (heck, why duplicate?)

(Online, Free) Courses Edit

  • Statistics
    • MIT's OpenCourseWare Statistics for Political Science
      • Introduction to Stats

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